tinoprosciutti fallback

Tino Prosciutti S.p.A. was founded on 1997 in Marzolara di Calestano (PR); the first factory has been expanded for tune up production to 18.000 pieces per week. The Plant is Certified according Major Standards and is eligible for export to Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil. On June 2014 has became operative the new department for deboning, plus new curing area, linked to the existing ones. The last facility, completely automated, was created exclusively for the production of Prosciutto Mattonella (Brick shape), where are manufactured Mattonella single or double, for the slicing industries. The plant, unique in Italy, has the capability to produce 30.000 Cured Ham Mattonella weekly, and has been made for satisfy market request on high quality product on high standard  level.