Tino Prosciutti S.p.A. is settled in the mid Val Baganza, country of Parma, the province historically known for production and manufacturing of Cured Ham. The modern facilities Tino Prosciutti combines the most advanced technologies disposable, with the wise ancient traditions. From this combination raise the product distinguished for high quality level and competitivity on final market.

Tino Prosciutti SpA è situata nella media Val Baganza, in provincia di Parma, zona storicamente nota per la produzione di Prosciutto Crudo Stagionato. Le moderne strutture Tino Prosciutti uniscono le più avanzate Tecnologie del Settore con la saggezza delle Tradizioni antiche. Da questa combinazione, nasce un Prodotto che si distingue per l’alto livello qualitativo e la competitività sul Mercato finale.
Tino Prosciutti SpA è un’azienda attuale e dinamica, estremamente attenta al rapporto qualità-prezzo dei propri Prodotti ed al livello del Servizio offerto. Con l’obiettivo di continuare a coniugare tradizione ed innovazione, Tino Prosciutti negli ultimi anni si è dimostrata pronta a cogliere le opportunità offerte da un Mercato in rapida evoluzione, senza tuttavia rinunciare ai Valori del Passato.


Tino Prosciutti S.p.A. was founded on 1997 in Marzolara di Calestano (PR); the first factory has been expanded for tune up production to 18.000 pieces per week. The Plant is Certified according Major Standards and is eligible for export to Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil. On June 2014 has became operative the new department for deboning, plus new curing area, linked to the existing ones. The last facility, completely automated, was created exclusively for the production of Prosciutto Mattonella (Brick shape), where are manufactured Mattonella single or double, for the slicing industries. The plant, unique in Italy, has the capability to produce 30.000 Cured Ham Mattonella weekly, and has been made for satisfy market request on high quality product on high standard  level.


The Group experience on manufacturing Cured Hams has origin at the end of the '80s in Parma land, where the art of curing hams has ancient traditions and is main value for the country. Till from the beginning, the company is part of the Industries property of the family Fiandri, inserted inside the chain of processing fresh meat, expecially pork's legs. The base of the chain has the Company Fimar Carni SpA, active from 1982, selecting from the best european slaughterhouses the back-quarter side of the pigs for process the meats directed to the industries of cold cuts. Fimar Carni has moved on 2011 to the new factory in Castelvetro (MO), where holds 2 lines for sectioning, 2 lines for deboning, with the capability of 1.400 tons /week, a system for mechanical parting meat, and a freezing tunnel that operates at -40°C, 2 cells for mainteining freezed meats at -20°C, stowing till 7.200 pallets, and 4 cells for store fresh meats. Fimar Carni can ensure complete traceability of the meats processed, from 2013 has obtained the certification IFS v.6 and BRC v.7, and is licensed for export to Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Brasil and Canada. On 1997 in Marzolara di Calestano (Parma), has been constituted the Tino Prosciutti SpA.

Tino Prosciutti Stabilimento 1

After a while, a second branch called Tino 2 has been added, bringing the production to 18.000 Cured Hams per week. From 2009 the plant has obtained the certifications IFS v.6 and BRC v.7, and the license to export to Hong Kong, Japan and Brasil. On 2013, for increase the production rate, the Group has acquired a new Curing Factory named Katia Prosciutti, for add 20.000 more Hams weekly. On June 2014 has got operative a new area for curing, deboning, form and pack Cured Ham Brick (Prosciutto Crudo Mattonella), single and double, intended for slicing industries. On 2014, acquiring the Company D'Autore Food, allowed the Group to get in touch with the promising reality of the sliced cold cuts. On 2015 has been restored completely the hystorical factory Fimar in Felino (PR), producing traditional Salami, and Salami directed to industrial slicers. The opportunity to follow all the stages of the process, from the fresh quarter to the sliced finished product, guarantee the total control on the chain and ensure the quality.

Tino Prosciutti Stabilimento 2


Today Tino Prosciutti S.p.A. is an actual and dynamic company, extremely careful on value for money about its products, and a sharp service.
Progress and improvement during the years, has make possible a new step forward: the infrastucture Fimar Carni SpA will be renewed. Right now is going to be implemented a new modern plant.

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